DUIs in AZ down in 2014

According to AZCentral, Arizona police made fewer Driving Under the Influence arrests in 2014.  Although fewer impaired driving arrests seems to be a trend; there was a small increase in the number of extreme DUI arrests.  For Arizonans, that poses a risk of a highly impaired driver on the state’s highways.  Additionally, statistics show how the number has fallen in the past few years:

  • A record high in 2012 (32,174 DUI arrests)
  • 2013 (31,892 DUI arrests)
  • 2014 (28,471 DU arrests)

Furthermore, according to the AZCentral article, the director of the Governor’s Office of Highway safety was encouraged by the decrease in DUI arrests, and thinks the public not only understands the dangers of driving drunk, but also understand the consequences if arrested for DUI in Arizona.

Fotor010515004Less arrests could mean less impaired drivers on the Arizona roads.  Although there were more officers assigned to patrol duties in 2014, and an increased numbers of officers participating in saturation patrols, DUI arrest numbers were down.

Arizona DUI Case – Proving Impairment

In an Arizona DUI case, the state, in order to prove that a suspect was indeed impaired or under the influence while in physical control or operating the vehicle, they will seek out evidence such as:

  • physical symptoms of impairment
  • admissions by the suspect
  • chemical test evidence
  • driving indications of impairment

In Arizona, a driver is presumed to be impaired under the influence with an .08 percent (or more) Blood Alcohol Content. Arizona also has levels of DUI arrests:  DUI, Extreme DUI, and Super Extreme.

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