Getting arrested for a DUI in Arizona is a very awful and frightening experience.  If this is your first DUI offense, the thought of dealing with a drunk driving charge can be totally overwhelming.  First, in spite of a difficult and stressful situation, you need to be prepared for the legal actions that you need to take care of.

Your best defense for a DUI in Arizona is MY AZ LAWYERS. You need to be aware of the DUI law and understand the implications of a DUI charge.  You may have a lot of questions:  legal questions about notifications, paperwork, or hearings.  Or maybe you would like to know more about the penalties if convicted.  Call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced Arizona DUI Attorney who will listen to your case and give you options.

Writing down your best memory of the events before, during, and after your DUI arrest could make a difference to your case.  Unless you write down your own report, the only report that exists is that of the police and their version of the arrest.  Try to remember every detail and document it.  Show this information to your attorney.

There are good reasons to hire a lawyer to represent your DUI charges.  You need someone to fight for your rights.  Arizona DUI law is a complicated process, and an attorney with expertise in this area can be helpful.  My AZ Lawyers are professional, trusted, and dedicated to winning.