Holiday parties can go from “merry” and “festive” to “troubled” and “miserable” if you are one minute celebrating Christmas or the New Year, then next stopped for a DUI.  In fact, Arizona police are especially on the look-out for impaired drivers during the holiday season.  With office parties, family gatherings, new year celebrations, and more people traveling on the roads, what seems to have been a harmful couple glasses of wine or egg-nog could land you in tent city.  Arizona DUI laws are harsh, and so are the consequences for being charged for a DUI.

It is important to retain an adept and exFotor0105134859perienced criminal defense attorney to fight your DUI charge.  A legal advocate can make sure that there are no unjustified charges or constitutional rights violations.  They can also build a defense that may lead to a dismissal, acquittal, or best favorable outcome for your case.  My AZ Lawyers DUI defense attorney can challenge evidence brought to the court. 

Furthermore, My AZ Lawyers will investigate every step of the case — before, during, and after the arrest.  My AZ Lawyers will also examine the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop or checkpoint:  did the police follow proper procedure?  Did the police have reasonable suspicion?  Often times charges can be dismissed or evidence may be tossed out if a lawyer who is experienced in handling Arizona DUIs scrutinizes the case.  Any mistakes made by police or DUI testing can result in a motion to suppress evidence, sometimes leading to charges being dismissed.

My AZ Lawyers would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Holiday Season.

Tips to keep Your Holidays Celebrations and Travel Safe:

  • Prepare for an alternative ride home if you plan on drinking ANYTHING at your get-together.  If nothing else, call a taxi.  The cost of taking a cab ride home, even at a great distance IS LESS EXPENSIVE than a DUI in Arizona!
  • DO NOT let your friends, co-workers, or family members drink and drive.
  • Drive defensively even if you have not been drinking:  be aware that other drivers on the street may be impaired.
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages when hosting a party or entertaining guests.
  • Don’t binge-drink: try only drinking one adult beverage per hour.
  • Stay alert when traveling:  get plenty of rest.
  • Always obey traffic laws: know the speed limit, practice safe driving techniques.
  • Do not text or use any other mobile devices or means of distraction while driving.Fotor0105135523